1. “Cheese” burger

This “cheeseburger” that came with just a sliver of cheese.
mazzano / reddit

2. This slice of pie that came topped with mold. Yum!

Miami Springs Burger King sold me a Twix pie with mold growing on it!
Lila-Irene / reddit

3. Ordered chicken tacos from a taco truck today and this is what I was served. This really happened in Southern California today.

rotary_13b / reddit

4. My fish burger

This fish burger with a minnow-sized bit of fish.
lynnleongsy8 / reddit

5. The cake-to-frosting ratio of this desert.

This piece of cake, which arrived looking more like a piece of frosting.
SirBacon17 / reddit

6. A “Caesar salad” at Red Robin

This “Caesar salad” that you eat with your hands, I guess?
nonobutss / reddit

7. Paid $16 for this Caesar “salad” at a concept restaurant last night.

Zewsmagic / reddit

8. Oh you wanted lasagna? Well. . .How about burnt baked ziti instead?

This “lasagna” that looked a lot more like baked ziti.

9. I ordered Banana-Chocolate Chip pancakes.

These banana chocolate chip pancakes that don’t quite get how you make banana chocolate chip pancakes.
KingSeyther / reddit

10. I ordered a lettuce wrapped chicken sandwich, burger king delivers this.

This lettuce-wrapped chicken sandwich that failed the “wrapped” part.
anythingyoucandab / reddit

11. The sandwich I bought for lunch.

This egg sandwich that just failed in every way possible.
slightly-mad-hatter / reddit

12. Father-in-Law got a breakfast burrito…

This breakfast burrito that came with extra tortilla.
icelr03 / reddit

13. One time I ordered mozzarella sticks from Buffalo Wild Wings and all of them were hollow.

That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.
TacoWarez / reddit

14. The amount of blueberries in this “blueberry” muffin.

Well, it’s not a blueberries muffin.
SaltySamus / reddit

15. Bought 3 Chicken Quesadilla Wraps from Pollo Tropical and came home with this. Not a bit of chicken in any of them.

dan4yk1 / reddit

16. Came free of charge with my lunch today

You won a car? Did Oprah make your meal?
Nagnel / reddit

More info: r/mildlyinfuriating, H/T BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: Lila-Irene / reddit, nonobutss / reddit