#1 When you realize that dogs wear pants

elliesunakawa / Via twitter.com

#2 When you come across Google’s secret function where you can listen to what sounds different animals make

Anjalaaay / Via twitter.com

#3 When you learn that AirPods can be used as interception with the help of the phone function called, Live Listen

arnoldcrndo / Via twitter.com

#4 When you understand that hooks in a charger are there for a reason

peruindians21 / Via twitter.com

#5 When you learn by practice that Vans always land facing up

#6 When you learn that Pringles has a brand of noodles

In Asia we have Pringle noodles
officer_rupert / Via reddit.com

#7 When you find another movie cliche

fast_chad_nasty / Via twitter.com

#8 When you think you know everything about this world but realize you had been wrong all along

amisshhaaaa / Via twitter.com

#9 When you realize that all this time you’ve been eating pineapples the wrong way

#10 When it turns out that there is a special compartment for storing staples at the bottom of a stapler

Dreya_YaBishh / Via twitter.com

#11 When you see how glasses with diopters of −30 look

OttoRIN / Via pikabu.ru

#12 When you find a secret message

This hidden smile on the Coca-Cola bottle
gieniowski / Via reddit.com

#13 When you come up with a life hack of how to quickly erase a marker

#14 When you realize that a rainbow is a circle

#15 When it turns out that if you hold a dot button on your phone for a long time, you’ll get three dots

todayyearsoldig / Via twitter.com

#16 When you track a weird tendency in the names of phobias

ThomasSanders / Via twitter.com

#17 When you find a special needle compartment in a coil

Adfri / Via imgur.com

#18 When you find out that Romans have edited the “calendar” project several times

BienSur_JeTaime, doktordandy / Via twitter.com

#19 When you see how glass noodles are made

How these noodles are made from r/oddlysatisfying

#20 When you learn you can open a toaster’s bottom and shake out all the bread crumbs

Khuze_Elikhulu / Via twitter.com

#21 When you come up with a life hack for parents whose kids like to make a splash fountain from a juice box

kylanxx15 / Via twitter.com

#22 When you learn that you can scan documents in iPhone “Notes”

wildchildlula / Via twitter.com

#23 When you suddenly get insight on something

BBWslayer666 / Via twitter.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: VanguardiaSon / twitter.com