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Just overheard my daughter say to her baby doll: ‘Baby, I’m just having a gin, we’ve had a nice day so don’t spoil it by crying’. WHAT HAVE I DONE?!
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Overheard on the elevator:
“Did you have a good thanksgiving!?”
“Yeah I managed to keep it keto!”
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Some 20-something year old boy I overheard on the subway: what do you think about gluten? Like, you think that sh*t’s real, bruh?
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Overheard in math class
Girl 1: you BIT a girl!
Girl 2: Okay I UNDERSTAND that, but you don’t get it, she bit me FIRST

I am in high school.
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I forgot I overheard this girl saying she’s not sure if she should pay her rent or go Black Friday shopping
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Just overheard a millennial boast “There are a lot of people my age who don’t know what the hell a Walkman is.” Kill me now.
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Overheard in my house tonight:
“Mommy, Daddy, can you call the dog? He’s staring at me while I’m on the toilet!”
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Overheard a kid in target to his mom
“It’s not $40 it’s 39.99”
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Omg I just overheard my 4 year old boy say :
“Why do people tweet about their children saying very bizarre things and not pay attention to them at all, I honestly think it’s despicable.”
What has this world came to!
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Overheard on the Tube.
“Mate you’re an idiot – you never make an arm wrestle bet with a guy who has been single longer than 6 months.”
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“Oxford comma……. hell yeah I use that sh*t, I’m way too sophiscated not too!”
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Overheard in the newsroom: “you actually don’t want to come across as pro-otter”
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“I like cats because they’re soft and fluffy, but like, they destroy sh*t”
“Do you have to walk them?”
“No, you don’t walk them. They just jump for, like, exercise”
- an actual #overheard conversation between two adults.
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Overheard this convo at Trader Joe’s and have never been happier to be unmarried. Wife: Salad?
Husband: Let’s do it!
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Overheard at uni: “Turns out, we’ve been fed a lot of lies about dinosaurs!”
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Overheard two guys approx. in their mid-thirties
guy: “I just got these doc martens.”
other guy: “Huh?”
guy: “Oh, they were popular with the punk rock crowd back in the day.”
other guy: “Oh yeah, you like that alternative stuff right?”
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Overheard in West Virginia: You are so high you could sit on Wednesday and see both Sundays.
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