1. This mom who needs some lessons on taking photos on her iPad
Mom in a panic: my camera broke on my iPad it doesn’t work!!!
Me: move your finger off the lens

2. And this mom who is already taking lessons for FaceTime
My mom just FaceTimed me from the other room because she “wanted to practice it”. Why.

3. This mom who needs to be taught the difference between Wendy’s and Snapchat
I think my mom just discovered Snapchat, not sure she understands that it isn’t just for Wendy’s.


4. And this mom who really needs to learn the difference between Google and Facebook
“I will google him on Facebook”

5. This mom who could benefit from a text message information session
That moment your mom sends you a text msg from the day before because she forgot to send it & “didn’t want to waste the text.”

6. This mom who needs a quick review of all the holidays
Mom: everyone at my work kept saying 4/20 and asking me “where are my brownies” and I’m like what the hell does 4/20 mean

7. This mom who needs some help learning how to navigate on the internet
My mother “how did i get on this porn site?” Bahahahaha

8. And this mom who needs some help learning how to navigate on the TV
Left my mom alone with the TV and remote for 2 minutes…I came back and now every channel is in Spanish.

9. This mom who might need to realize that paint and cell phones probably don’t mix
Set up my moms new phone for her and first thing she says “that case is ugly I’m going to paint it”

10. This mom who clearly needs to change her old fashioned habits
I asked my mom to bring me a lens wipe for my glasses & she brought me windex


11. This mom who needs a full blown iPhone tutorial
“Anna guess what I just got!? An iPhone 6. How do I turn it on” … Really?

12. This mom who needs to learn how to access the school’s online calendar
My mom is literally making me go to school tomorrow because she doesn’t believe we are out for thanksgiving break

13. This mom who might need to try out digital coupons
My mom just called me to tell me she forgot to give me coupons and so she’s mailing them to me.

14. And this mom who seems pretty good at texting, but probably needs some help with modern-day vocabulary