Well, Game of Thrones is finally over and while some folks didn’t see the ending coming, there were people out there who totally predicted how the final season would go, years before it all went down.


#1 For example, here’s someone who guessed back in 2017 that Arya would slay the Night King

#2 Now, perhaps most impressive are the people who guessed Bran would wind up ruling the kingdoms. Here’s one

#3 Here’s another

#4 And another

#4 This person called Jaime killing Euron back in 2017

#5 Here’s someone in 2016 who guessed that Cersei and Jaime would die together

#7 Back in 2017, this person called The Mountain and The Hound taking each other out during the Cleganebowl

#8 This person considered other potential winners, but came to the conclusion that it’d be Bran

#9 WAY BACK IN 2013, this person predicted Daenerys would light up King’s Landing

#10 Here’s a prediction from over SIX years ago that Bran would be a king

#11 This person predicted Jon Snow would kill Dany (and even provided some A+ photoshop along with it)

#12 This person’s mom knew what was up FIVE YEARS AGO

#13 Here’s Sansa as Queen in the North being spoken into fruition back in 2016

#14 Here’s someone who predicted the Iron Throne would be destroyed way back in 2013

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: BuzzFeed