Cody Shirk

The US, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore, and a few others come to mind.

But… hands down, I’ve got to go with Monaco.

There are rich people everywhere throughout the world, like LA, NY, SF, London, Paris, Zurich, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.

But, for the pure concentration and number of ‘global elite,’ Monaco has all those places beat.

Monaco is not home to millionaires – it’s home to billionaires.

I just spent some time there, and here is what you’d see…

Monaco doesn’t have a couple Ferraris here and there… it has parking garages full of Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces, Saleens, and one of the most expensive cars in the world, the Bugatti Veyron.

Monaco’s weather is gorgeous too. It’s on the French Riviera and hosts views like this, (there was a yacht on fire that day):

Monaco is tiny (less than a square mile), so there is no room for any ‘poor’ part of town.

At bars like “Sass” there are bottles of wine for over $100k… and people are actually ordering them.

In Monaco, you probably won’t recognize many famous people… because famous people aren’t rich enough. You’re more likely to see a prince of some country, rather than a movie star.

Monaco is where the global elite reside because there are massive tax incentives… as in zero income tax.

And the global elite who don’t live in Monaco? They visit their rich friends in Monaco.

Ota Kořínek

From my travel experiences I would pick three places.

Dubai, UAE

Saint Tropez, France

Monaco, Monaco

Of course there is a small problem with Dubai and St. Tropez not being a country.

So if I would have to say one country, it would be Monaco.

But, that is if you take concentration of wealth as a benchmark. If you are asking in absolue terms, as in, in what country does the biggest percentage of the world’s elite live in? Then the answer is the USA.

And it’s also true that the truly rich people in Saint Tropez do not live there, they simply spend their vacation there.

So the answers differ based on what specific question you asked. The biggest percentage of the world’s elite live in the USA and the biggest concentration of wealth (when we only take into account permanent citizens) is in Monaco.

And by the way, all of those three (four with the USA) places are simply glamorous and exotic in their own way. I highly recommend them for a vacation!

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