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1. Store sheet sets inside pillowcases so you can find them more easily.
Put the duvet cover and matching sheet sets inside a pillowcase so it’s all together! Makes life so much easier.

2. Use shredded paper to soak up bin juice.
Take a handful of shedded paper and put it at the bottom of the trash bag. If you throw away any liquids, the paper will absorb it.
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3. Use VapoRub to cancel out the smells during a nappy change.
Dab some VapoRub under your nose for particularly brutal diaper changes or vomit catastrophes, to avoid upchucking yourself.

4. Prevent hanger dents by drying clothes inside out.
When you hang sweaters and other long-sleeved clothes up to dry, hang them inside out so the dents made from the corners of the hangers point in instead of out.
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5. Expel all unnecessary air in your containers by burping them.
My mum taught me about ‘burping’ containers with a plastic lid. After you put the lid on, lift up one side and press down in the middle, which releases any extra air trapped with the food.

6. Bring moisture back into food with bread slices.
When cookies or any other food in a sealed container needs moisture, throw a slice of bread in with them. It helps put moisture back into the food!

7. Add vinegar to your dishwasher cycle for clear glasses.
Putting vinegar in the dishwasher helps keep all your glasses squeaky-clean and super clear.

8. Put bedsheets on inside out to save time and effort.
My mum taught me to turn pillow cases, duvet covers, and other sheets inside out and then put them on. Because you’re turning them from inside out onto the bed/duvet, they’ll be right side up again! This has saved me so much time!

9. Throw citrus peels down the disposal for a natural deodoriser.
My mum taught me to throw all citrus peels down the garbage disposal, and run it for a natural fresh smell.

10. Repurpose cheap inflatable pools as baby playpens.
If you have a big living room, get an inflatable pool and put it in the middle, then place the baby’s favourite toys in it. It keeps the baby safe and contained while you can go about your daily tasks, uninterrupted.

11. Peel boiled eggs by shaking them inside drinking glasses.
Use a pint glass to peel hard boiled eggs. Just place your egg right after cooking into your glass, grab the top, and swirl around like a cyclone. The shell comes right off!

12. Butter your corn with bread for even distribution.
If you want an even amount of butter on your corn on the cob, put the butter on a piece of bread and twist the corn while folding the bread. Life changing.

13. Pin sheets to mattresses to stop them slipping off.
Safety pin the bed skirt to the mattress to prevent it from moving and sliding out of position.

14. Store perfume in drawers so they stay fragrant for longer.
My mum taught me to keep all my perfumes in a drawer – the cool darkness keeps them from losing their scent, and they last longer than when exposed to sunlight. Also, they’re less likely to drop and break.

15. Vacuum first in the cleaning process to eliminate extra floating dust particles.
When you clean the house, start with vacuuming or start with the floor and work up. If you were to dust and clean the counters/windows and then try to vacuum, it would throw the dust everywhere and settle on the stuff you just cleaned. If you follow the order of vacuum, dust, wipe, you’re working smarter not harder.

16. Use tin foil to clean rust spots and burn marks.
If you have any rusty stainless steel, like a knife with rust spots or even a pot with a burn mark, rub it with the shiny side of tin foil.

17. Get rid of the plastic taste in new coffee pots by running a couple water cycles through first.
Run a few plain water cycles in a new coffee pot to get rid of that ‘never been used’ taste. No one wants their first few pots of coffee tasting like plastic.

18. Throw a clean towel into your dryer to dry clothes faster.
If you need something to dry faster, toss a dry towel into your dryer and then after a little while, take it out. It helps to soak up the extra moisture!

19. Use lemon to de-stain chopping boards.
Use lemon juice to clean your cutting board – it gets rid of stains and odors, and keeps it fresh for your next use.

20. Open a box of bicarb soda to help eliminate nasty fridge smells.
A little open container of bicarb soda in the back of the fridge gets rid of that fridge-y odour that everyone hates. If your fridge starts to smell again, just shake up the bicarb and put it back in.

21. Fake home baking smells by warming water and vanilla extract.
My mum taught me to put a bowl of water and vanilla extract in the oven for half an hour for that heavenly cookie smell throughout the house.

22. Dry out your washing machine to prevent mustiness.
Leave the washing machine door open for 20 minutes after you put your clothes in the dryer. It lets the drum dry out and prevents musty-smelling clothing.

23. Remove blood stains with salted cold water.
Soak anything blood-stained in cold water and cooking salt, and the blood washes right out.

24. Use a candle to help prevent onion tears.
Light a candle next to the chopping board when cutting onions. It burns away some of the particles that get released into the air that cause your eyes to water.

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