#1 As an ex-girlfriend, YOU KNOW YOUR WORTH:

Tweet_Dec / Via twitter.com

#2 AAAAND your transitive-property market value:

SorryDontClaire / Via twitter.com

#3 Being an ex-girlfriend, you also know you have to look Good™ while Breaking Hearts™:

mncrodriguez / Via twitter.com

#4 And you know exactly how to be there for others when they, too, go through a breakup:

jennifermerr / Via twitter.com

#5 You are familiar with this timeline:

catccohen / Via twitter.com

#6 If your ex has a new girl, you find solace knowing that she probably drinks ~~fruity little drinks ’cause she can’t shoot whiskey~~:

Moopes17 / Via twitter.com

#7 You are seriously considering implementing an inconvenience fee:

_xoxomari_ / Via twitter.com

#8 In this scenario, you are “Sharon,” and you know exactly why you did it:

MrPhetz / Via twitter.com

#9 You’ve received a couple of these bad boys:

dubstep4dads / Via twitter.com

#10 You know how this ol’ story goes:

Peter_Kays / Via twitter.com


evepeyser / Via twitter.com

#12 You’ve received some petty texts:

#13 You’ve been guilty of hyping up a guy to your friends, only to un-hype him two days later:

#14 So no, you don’t have a boyfriend, and honestly? GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!

reeces / Via twitter.com

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