On Sunday, Twitter user @ChefResha asked, what’s the rudest thing your child has ever said to you or someone else? and the responses are equally hilarious and awkward. Here are some of the best ones:

Standing in line at the store. 4 yr old daughter told man I LIKE YOUR TEETH B/C THEY’RE MY FAVORITE COLOR YELLOW. I still die to this day.

My child told a woman she had a butt like Barney. I almost left town

Looked into a stroller at 2 years old, took a serious expression and openly declared “that baby don’t look too good.” The mother was present

My niece told my sister “you can’t wear diamonds bcuz they’re pretty, you’re not pretty. You can wear rocks.”
I left, I didnt wanna be next


stranger in a grocery store told my daughter (3 at the time) she was beautiful.
Her: “where are the rest of your teeth?”

To a man with a prosthetic arm “Look daddy, he’s a robot!!!”

A lady complimented my daughters shoes. She looked down at the ladies feet and said “thank you but yours aren’t very pretty.”

My beautiful 6 y.o. son once called our home a “House of Regret” because we ran out of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

My brother has a lazy eye. He has a tutoring business. One of the kids asked him “is that a lazy eye? Or a crazy eye?” I still laugh

I ain’t got kids yet but my nephew told this lady in the store “you have hair on your face like my uncle”

My son once looked a nice old man in the eye & whispered, “Old people disgust me.”

My 5 year old daughter asked a lady at church why her wig was crooked. We haven’t been back since

I wore this vest.. my son said, ” Ma why you got that on, u look like a chicken.”


My 6 yr old cousin opened my Christmas gift to him and said, loudly “Clothes?! I didn’t ask for this!”