1. Okay so I was trying to be nice to my roommate by doing the dishes..

erinmccrudden4 / Via instagram.com

2. And so this is how I start my morning, I guess I’m going to Casey’s

Then I spilled my coffee on my shirt trying to get out of the car
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3. I felt something in my shoe this morning…

kreismetal / Via reddit.com

4. Roommate had a bad morning

unluckypenguins / Via imgur.com

5. So I tried making waffle and the batter literally shot out the side onto my kitchen wall. I was dying I just let it happen but now I have to clean it all up and think of an alternate breakfast

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And this forget the cap

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6. All of the things I cooked on my stove tonight.

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7. Note to self : don’t leave utensils in the beef strudel

r.lunsmann / Via instagram.com

8. I made my Vitamix explode.

tauna_phomemaker / Via instagram.com

9. When you’re making breakfast at 2AM a little drunk

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10. Can someone please make me a chicken pot pie?

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11. So THATS what happens when you leave Tupperware on the stove with the oven on…

sonoranmeg / Via instagram.com

12. Well, this electric gas thing is tough!

WullieBlake / Via imgur.com

13. Better drink it right out of the carton.

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14. Someone in my apartments is going to have a bad morning.

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15. This guy had a bad morning. And I was *just* about to complain about spilling my coffee on my way out…

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