#1 This person photoshopped a flat tire to get out of work:

PapaBoardslide / Via twitter.com

#2 This girl convinced a guy they had the same number:

hannahhhhxoxo / Via twitter.com

#3 This little scammer ordered $300 worth of toys with her mom and dad’s credit card:

R_tatas / Via twitter.com

#4 This 2-year-old scammed for ice cream:

mic22ken / Via twitter.com

#5 This girl scammed this guy through role-playing:

baaoslut / Via twitter.com

#6 This little brother scammed Fox News:

zanoess / Via twitter.com

#7 This guy used copy-and-paste to scam his friends to come hang with him:

R_jackPotter / Via .com

#8 This guy pretended to be Ross from Friends:

3XyoureOut / Via reddit.com

#9 This mom and daughter were the ultimate scammers to help the mom get out of an event:

xhaileysmith / Via twitter.com

#10 This friend group is an iconic bunch of scammers:

kaathleen5 / Via twitter.com

#11 This girl is the ultimate scammer, tricking Tinder matches into sending her $5 (and then unmatching them):

maggiearch3r / Via twitter.com

#12 This dad pretended he was the prime minister of Morocco to get a reservation:

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: PapaBoardslide / twitter.com