1. These two warring offices

aggravatedman / Via twitter.com

2. This friend who put an end to the argument

ShineMyGold / Via twitter.com

3. This student who wasn’t going to be doing all of the work

jojomarshalll / Via twitter.com

4. This girl who ruined her ex’s Netflix experience

heyqueenregina / Via twitter.com

5. This kid who took his frustrations out on the fruit

VictorPopeJr / Via twitter.com

6. This band member who publicly aired his grievances

conortheconor / Via twitter.com

7. This roommate who made an extra effort to only do her half of the chores

LV_Eventing / Via twitter.com

8. These villagers who were tired of being ignored

TBHer_ / Via twitter.com

9. This manager who takes work very seriously

ollietttaa / Via twitter.com

10. This guy who didn’t want to hear from her ex’s family

StussyTheGoat / Via twitter.com

11. This passer-by who took exception to someone’s parking

dazed_dez / Via twitter.com

12. This guy who left behind a note of his own

herbehancock / Via twitter.com

13. This girl who tricked her ex

_Breyonnn / Via twitter.com

14. This company who wanted to stand over their competitor

torahhorse / Via twitter.com

15. This girl who displayed her frustration through music

JakeNbakeX / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: StussyTheGoat / Twitter