1. My food was served in a shoe at the cosmopolitan in vegas

Risky-Biznue / Via reddit.com

2. We want…. tables.

SkyUnderMyFeet / Via reddit.com

3. 2 chocolate squares and two biscuits served with woodland trinkets

It was a big of a guessing game to which was edible and which wasn’t, I lost a few times
no_tori_ous / Via reddit.com

4. My moms burger that arrived in a hubcap

Slim_Shady_AF / Via reddit.com

5. I’d rather have pineapple pizza than this abomination

nikidash / Via reddit.com

6. Clipboard charcuterie

mrsniffles / Via reddit.com

7. This restaurant that mauled off the tops of rubber ducks’s heads

Limebabies / Via reddit.com

8. Grilled cheese on a donut suspended precariously over a saucepan of tomato soup

dynastynyy / Via reddit.com

9. Wouldn’t just be easier to bbq them on the cob?

slicedmoonstone / Via reddit.com

10. “Modern take on Peppermint Patty” is just minty cotton candy

just_call_me_casey / Via reddit.com

11. “Hey boss, how do you want to present these?” “Just throw ‘em in some fu*king cups!”

Dogs-Keep-Me-Going / Via reddit.com

12. My burger came with 5 of these “French Fry Shots”

LaughsAtMyDumbJokes / Via reddit.com

13. Tostadas on a skateboard

alnnh / Via reddit.com

14. Yes that is soup, served in a high-heeled shoe…

krovek42 / Via reddit.com

15. This restaurant that presented some sliders on a brick

Crushcrumbs / Via reddit.com

16. Hot dogs and fries for 2 served in a dog bowl w/ no clean surface to eat off of except for the paper. 2 trays would have been fine

NullOfficer / Via reddit.com

17. The “food tower” trend is getting out of hand. This one includes an entire crab with shell!

TheSoulOfTheRose / Via reddit.com

18. My newspaper plate soaked up my syrup nicely

sellman347 / Via reddit.com

19. This restaurant that thought, “This is a great idea”

Ok_Alps / Via reddit.com

20. Mashed potatoes in a martini glass

austintranslation91 / Via reddit.com

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