1. Do I even have to say anything.

Negative1Rainbowz / Via reddit.com

2. If you have HID bulbs in halogen headlights, or drive with your high beams on… You’re the problem.

cdmertz / Via reddit.com

3. Every god damn time I try to peel open one of these.

pinguboii / Via reddit.com

4. Did it squeak when it dragged like that? I have the chills thinking about it!!

Hache42 / Via reddit.com

5. This happens more often than it should.

JM-Rie / Via reddit.com

6. Why are people like this?

sarahszabo / Via reddit.com

7. This clear window amongst the tinted ones. I don’t understand the purpose here.

Boomer258 / Via reddit.com

8. This is triggering.

ProfessorTravis / Via reddit.com

9. This elevator panel… WHY?!

brunette_and_busty / Via reddit.com

10. The way my gf just plugged her laptop in.

stratford235 / Via reddit.com

11. When you are trying to finish a slushee.

roster678 / Via reddit.com

12. The colour choice for the emergency door buttons on a bus.

its_iiZye / Via reddit.com

13. The 8 on this card is upsidedown.

dariant3 / Via reddit.com

14. If I had a nickel for every time this happened, I’d be a millionaire.

OneBakingPanda / Via reddit.com

15. Leg room for the both of us.

broseidon31 / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: its_iiZye / reddit