#1 My teacher buys and hangs up a flag for each country her students are from.

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#2 When the arts and crafts teacher is ready to provide an illustrative example.

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#3 A teacher from Texas cleaned garbage from around the school by himself to teach his students that they should care about the things around them.

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#4 Japanese Teacher’s Stunning Chalkboard Art

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#5 Chemistry Teacher made their classroom ceiling the elements.

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#6 My teacher nailed his student’s phone to the wall for using it in class 20 years ago. Its still there til this day.

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#7 My girlfriend’s teacher didn’t have a laser pointer but it was someone’s birthday so they had a knife for the cake.

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#8 My mom is the cutest art teacher ever!! She made a dress and had every one of her students draw one thing on the dress for her to wear. This was her at her student’s art show tonight. IM SOBBING

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#9 This Taiwanese Teacher Has Some Mad Chalk Drawing Skills.

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#10 Every Friday during school, one of my substitute teachers dresses up in a banana costume and sings a song about “going bananas because it’s Friday”

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#11 My art teacher from grade school painted her door over the summer.

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#12 My math teacher gave me an extra mark on my test for the doodle on the back.

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#13 Yesterday, my English teacher asked what my hobbies were. I said I didn’t have any and that I’d love to do stuff with microscopes but I couldn’t afford one. Today, he gave me a box. When I opened it, I saw a microscope. I was extremely happy and thanked him.

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#14 My professor always comments on my back-of-quiz doodles and it’s very pure.

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#15 At least my chemistry teacher has a sense its humor!

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#16 My teacher has a robot to help him.

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#17 The Teacher didn’t have a map, so he drew one by himself.

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#18 A retired teacher drives portable library to encourage reading!

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#19 Being both the art and literacy teacher means I can incorporate the book we’re reading into our art project. And of course, we just had to make Harry Potter themed bookmarks!

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#20 We found 5 abandoned kittens running around the school grounds, and my teacher caught one. This is how class is being taught…


#21 In our class, everyone who is done with their task can go to a room with video games and play.

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#22 My Professor duct tapes her own mouth shut during presentations so she doesn’t interrupt, distract or intimidate the presenters.

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#23 This elementary school teacher came up with a unique secret handshake for every student.

3rd Grade Teacher Has A Different Secret Handshake With Every Student from r/gifs

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