1. Not knowing what to think about this mother/son relationship.
i’m at walmart and i overheard a frat boy answer the phone with ‘sup u lil bad bitch’ and a couple seconds later he said ‘i miss u too mom’

2. But thinking this mom is a great role model.
Wowwwwww my dad called my mom’s purse ugly so she used his card to buy herself a new Michael Kors one instead. What did we learn today kids

3. Realizing that this mom is just all of our moms.
my mom has been screaming “SIRI” at my alexa speaker for like 10 min should i tell her

4. Not understanding any parents’ thought process.
why do parents get mad when u sleep all day like im staying out of trouble and im not spending your money like what is the issue here

5. Being impressed when moms have no fucks to give.
Kids give no fucks,evidenced by the one at the park who asked me to give him my chips
But his mom wins the IDGAF award cuz she just watched

6. And also being impressed when they are just casual badasses.
This 12 yo kid on the lake just yelled, “MOM! There’s a fuckin snake!” And she took a slow drink from her beer and said, “language.”

7. Being totally wowed by how extra some moms are.
I remember being 6 at school and my mother had made me a pomegranate and smoked salmon salad and I just wanted to be like the other kids

8. Not understanding why parents do this.
My mom always take a pic of me when I’m passed tf out on the couch. Lmao whyy


9. But actually understanding the logic of this.
One time I told my parents I tweeted a funny 420 joke and my dad made me delete it bc he didn’t want a future employer to see it

10. Realizing parents are the ones who don’t listen.
mom: *calls my name*
me: what
me: what
me: what
me: what
mom: *yells my name*
me: what

11. Understanding that sharing anything with parents is just a lecture waiting to happen.
I tell my parents a funny story, then it turns into a “life-lesson”

12. Realizing that some moms are just you as a S.O.
My mom is giving my dad a little fashion show of everything she bought today and he has these super cute reactions

13. And coming to terms with this unspoken truth.
I only accept “K” from my mom