1. Not totally sure how taxes work, but if I spend all of my $$$ on fog machines I’m good, right? @AlexanderWatt

2. Tax-wise, it would make more sense if your business was built on giving away free, actual medieval lances, rather than freelancing. @timunken

3. I am very much hoping that, come tax time, I can write off the expense of this desk my parents bought me as a child @TinyJana

4. CHEAP DIY TAXES: ‘here’s all my paperwork, dad.’ @TaraaLindsey

5. the only difference between taxes & taxidermy is that one always seemed inhumane and weird and the other involves playing with dead animals @ky1edavis

6. already did my taxes, so….yeah, basically i’m killing it at life @schweptaway

7. My Very Italian Tax Man: So, you know the Muppets? They good people? @kirksays

me: ok I gotta be better with money, time to only buy important things
[my tax return comes in]

9. No one is answering me re: taxes, so therefore I will continue to not think about them and pretend everything is OK. @dw_toy

10. I always think I’ll save my tax return and then the day after it arrives I somehow wake up in a house made of pure gold @TinyJana