Sudhir Srinivasan

The sensation and sound of nails scratching a chalkboard.

I can see you squirming in discomfort.
Interestingly, a man, Randolph Blake, won the Ig Nobel Prize for his research on why this sound is so unpleasant. To quote him, “It turns out the sound waves associated with primate warning cries, particularly chimpanzee warning cries, are remarkably similar in appearance to the aversive, middle frequency sound waves produced by fingernails on a chalkboard.”

Xiao Chen

It’s starvation in modern society.

Ashwini Kabra

Tangled earphones!

Akansha Bhavte

People who walk really slow in front of you.
Annoying as hell!!!!!!!

Andrew Henry

Whether it be car traffic, train traffic, plane traffic or even people traffic.

Abhilash Pattnaik

Crying Babies, irrespective of the place or time.
They get on your nerves immediately!

Patrick Crosset

Internet access down !!!!
Hard Disk Problem
Broken smartphone !!!

Dharmesh Tarapore

Dolores Umbridge

William Halmeck

A hole in your sock.

Shri Aravinth

When i was a kid i was i’d get excited at the sight of a cookie box, only to open it and see sewing equipment inside the box instead of the cookies. I’ve spent many a hungry afternoon cursing this cookie box

Vineet Kumar Singh

Morning alarm clock

Jagir Jhaveri

The flight is delayed, the flight gate changes, terminal changes.

Shubham Lahoti

Justin Beiber songs

Dhruvil Shah


Richa Nagare

Long queues:
Home- work
Jet Lags
Bad breath
Empty fridge ( especially when you are hungry)


The feeling of need to pee when sleeping in a nice warm bed at 5 o’clock in a cold winter morning.

Vaibhaw Kumar

Farting in public

Picking your nose

Alvin Arulselvan

This is new but should be pretty much hated on by the world by now because it can ruin friendships and relationships.
Be warned.

So is the dress blue/black or white/gold?

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