1. Best friends!

CoeurdeBois / Via reddit.com

2. Why so rude?!

ennaamber / Via imgur.com

3. Come down from there and play with me.

ForeverAReposter / Via imgur.com

4. Honey, I SWEAR, it’s not what it looks like.

Malvorlagen / Via imgur.com

5. Help! He’s gonna kill me!


6. The relationship between my cat and dog is epitomized in this one picture.

wised0nkey / Via imgur.com

7. Daytime naps with your loved ones are the best.

JB12 / Via imgur.com

8. Best buddies.

camperjohn64 / Via reddit.com

9. Hey, lady! Keep calm, I’m just passing by!

IMVRUNIQINM / Via imgur.com

10. Dog bed? Think again. Cat bed.

sublehs / Via imgur.com

11. Who told you the gym was a good idea?

SlothKitty / Via imgur.com

12. I’m not saying that my dog should respect the cat a little bit more, but….

Lobbyse / Via reddit.com

13. Who called you a bad dog? Point them out. I will end them…

KAMRAN20896 / Via imgur.com

14. This man is MINE!

oftheblessed / Via imgur.com

15. Mom! Call an exorcist!

cuntsparkle / Via imgur.com

16. You shall not pass, little devil.

Malachi_-_Constant / Via reddit.com

17. Cat And Dog Love. All you need is love!

alltimehit / Via imgur.com

18. Our dog has really taken a liking to our new cat. Kitty’s still getting used to it.

TotallyNotJackinIt / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: Lobbyse / Reddit, KAMRAN20896 / Imgur