How does it feel to become a new parent?

For many of us it will be the most memorable and life changing moment of all, that magical moment the first child is born.

Imgur user joltjones took to the internet recently, fresh after becoming a dad for the very first time, with a revealing list of ‘those things I wish someone had told me.’ The tips, including those from his wife, are raw and from the heart. These are not supposed to be ‘parenting tips,’ more of an illustration of the experience of newfound parenthood.

This new dad shared his tips on how to deal with the experience

1. Babies are strong as shit.

2. It’s amazing how particular someone who’s hours old can be.

3. You’re not ready.

4. The human body can be a disgustingly beautiful thing.

5. As a man, and to expectant fathers, you’re gonna cry… deal with it.

6. Set boundaries with family quick… Yes, new grandparents are excited too, but this is you and the mother’s game, and they need to play by your rules.

7. You and your SO are not experts, be ready for a nurse to explain how wrong you are about something.

8. Go to bat for the mom… she’s gonna do some tough shit that’s gonna be nothing short of badass, and emotions can and will get the better of her. You’re the gate keeper.

9. Be patience… with your SO, with the baby, and with medical staff.

10. Back to dealing with family, understand that there is a really good chance your gonna hurt someone’s feelings… it’s undoubtedly going to happen, they can deal with it.

Image Credit: joltjones, imgur

Mom shared hers too

1. Don’t wish your pregnancy away, you will miss your belly.

2. Pushing is no joke.

3. Listen to your nurses, and if you don’t like one… don’t be afraid to speak up.

4. Sleep as much as you can when your pregnant, cause when that baby comes out you’re gonna be the most tired you’ve ever been in your entire life.

5. Not everyone is gonna wash their hands, speak up.

6. It’s ok to cry… hormones will get you… if you feel like crying, do it. Take a step back and focus on what’s most important, and what’s most important to you in that moment.

7. Hold the baby every chance you get, cause when family is around you want get much of a chance to hold it.

8. After birth your gonna be more thirsty than you’ve ever been in your life… don’t be afraid to ask for whatever you want.

9. Make sure you know where your barf bag is.

10. After the baby comes… rest. Let others help, and rest.

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