1. Laundry is the worst. It’s literally the most daunting task
Fold two shirts, take a break. Fold three pairs of pants, take a break.

2. Not to mention, it’s exhausting!

3. Everything about it is HORRIBLE

4. It requires so much damn effort

5. For instance, when you accidentally shrink your clothes
I think I shrunk half my wardrobe today

6. Or worse — when someone ELSE shrinks your clothes and you consider cutting them out of your life

7. I have so many questions about laundry
I haven’t done laundry in so long that all I have left are fuzzy socks now

8. Like, what is perm press, even????
I love doing laundry bc when I take it out it’s like a fun guessing game about which important item I accidentally destroyed via perm press

9. Is grey a light or a dark???
Laundry is such a confusing concept. Sure, just seperate the lights from the darks, but WHAT ABOUT GREYS?!

10. What’s the point of folding if you’re just going to wear it again?
Leaving my clean laundry in a basket for so long that I wear it all and it becomes dirty again without ever being folded: a Memoir

11. And why do some clothes just magically disappear???
If somebody could tell me where in the fuck the last sock runs off to when it’s in the dryer that would be fucking terrific.

12. Seriously, no one has time for that shit
Apparently throwing away clothes and buying new ones instead of putting laundry away is NOT appropriate adulting.

13. NO ONE
Clothes that are too clean for the laundry basket and too dirty for the wardrobe… Welcome to the chair.

14. There is nothing worse than realizing that life is actually just one really, really long laundry day
Being a mom is basically just folding laundry every time you sit down ever

15. It goes on, and on, and on…FOREVER
Me: does laundry
Me: let’s laundry sit in basket for 3 days
Me: finally folds & puts away laundry
Me: has more laundry to do
Repeat forever

16. So, if you’re trying to decide if you should do your laundry tonight, don’t sweat it
Living room has been covered in clean clothes for the last 3 days because we all have better things to do w our time.

17. There’s always tomorrow
Yesterday: “okay tomorrow after work. Laundry. Can’t put it off anymore.” Today: “okay laundry tomorrow for sure.”