1. Japanese team leaves a “thank you” note in Russian inside their locker room despite their heartbreaking 2-3 defeat to Belgium.


2. Rice paddy art is an art form originating in Japan where people plant rice of various types and colors to create images in a paddy field


3. Most organized luggage pickup you’ll ever see. All upright with handle facing outward for easy pickup.


4. Unattended grocery store. Just pick what you want and leave the money in the jar


5. Look closer for the wee pocket

Well one thing I’ve noticed whilst being here in japan is that the Japanese love to snooze on the train/subway/bus etc and they have ingenious ideas to make your life easier… and well here you have it a wee pocket in the back of your seat to put your train ticket in so when the conductor comes round he just checks it without disturbing you!!!

6. A hotel in Tokyo has a reception desk that is run by robot dinosaurs


7. This fountain displays the time


8. This sign in Japan shows the proper seating etiquette


9. Flight delayed in Japan. Airline employees bow to the passengers to apologise.


10. Went in to a Police booth in Tokyo to get directions to a place 3 blocks away, the officer made me a detailed handdrawn map to make sure I find it.. Just wow!

I don’t know any other country that have this helpful and friendly police officers! Respect!

11. This hand-written letter I received from a mail order off amazon.


12. The fire escape for this building is a slide.


13. In Japan, Beginner Drivers Use A Shoshinsha Mark – Green And Yellow V-Shaped Symbol That New Drivers In Japan Must Display On Their Cars For One Year After They Obtain A Standard Driver’s License. There Is Also A Fukushi Mark Used To Denote Elderly Drivers

commons.wikimedia.org, chezfrankoi.free.fr

14. This tank style stairs dolly in Japan


15. The seat pattern on the train in Japan tells you where priority seating is


16. This Coffee Shop in Tokyo Clearly Marks Each Customers Space at the Counter


17. Sticker that was on my package from Japan


18. The Japanese eBay seller I bought this PS3 game from also sent me a Japanese tea bag with it.


19. Bus Driver Holding An Umbrella So That You Don’t Get Wet While Opening Yours. Somehow I don’t see this happening in my country.


20. In the Narita airport of Japan, while it says “welcome to Japan” in English, the Japanese text says “welcome back”


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