#1 A system that prevents problems with toddlers

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#2 Best friend


#3 My friend’s “one flash card of notes” she was allowed on her test.

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#4 High expectations for comfort

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#5 Going on a run/ walk with no pockets? Hook any keys you need onto the back of a hat!

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#6 No one will stop you from having a break! Even if it’s a war.

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#7 I can’t believe it took me so long to think of this! A Sharpie and a pair of scissors later, and my too-long bath mat is perfect!

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#8 When you want it to feel like home

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#9 When your arms are too short

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#10 How to barbeque by the river

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#11 A nice break after a tough working day…

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#12 A useful tattoo

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#13 I hate signing yearbooks for students, so I had a rubber stamp made.

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#14 My newest fake invention is the FlopFlips. Sandals with reverse soles so it looks like you were walking the opposite direction on the beach. See ya later stalkers!

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#15 A creative way to ask for tips

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#16 My coworker uses a gas mask when he cuts onions

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#17 My graphic design teachers desk is made form old macs

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#18 These high heels are more comfortable than you think.

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