#1 This person who obviously doesn’t understand the idea of camouflaging

l0nskyne / Via reddit.com

#2 This person would just couldn’t work out the joke

Ilovemyselfjkxd / Via reddit.com

#3 These people who didn’t realise that this user was making a New Year joke

Krojous / Via reddit.com

#4 This person who I kinda feel bad for

Detroitman125 / Via reddit.com

#5 This animation expert

cajadobruno / Via reddit.com

#6 This person who painfully missed this bread joke

craylittleliars / Via tumblr.com

#7 This person who clearly didn’t realise that the other person was MILKING this joke

JackBerardivis / Via reddit.com

#8 This person who discovered the secret

Multimarkboy / Via reddit.com

#9 This person who seriously missed the joke

gandalfswaggy / Via reddit.com

#10 This person who is really, really smart

ambeloe / Via reddit.com

#11 Double Whammy!

1RealRickHarrison / Via reddit.com

#12 This PlayStation expert


#13 And I thought the joke was good…

harptarp / Via reddit.com

#14 This Spiderman expert

yamsoung / Via reddit.com

#15 No. It’s really 3D if you look hard enough.

tonysfavcolorisgray / Via reddit.com

#16 Everyone would understand this joke with a bit of thinking, well.. the most.

m4rkuscha / Via reddit.com

And finally, this person who wood need to reexamine their response

Macaroni_man_ / Via reddit.com

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