#1 Don’t ruin your hat by smashing it in your suitcase. Instead, use a chip clip to hook it onto your bag!

And it’s a cheaper alternative to hat clips you can buy.
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#2 Bring disinfecting wipes with you on the plane and wipe down the tray table, arm rests, and seat.

Germs are everywhere!
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#3 Use tiny paint rollers for an easy storage solution for your rings so they don’t get lost at the bottom of your bag.

Plus, it’s a cute way to display them when you’re deciding what to wear!
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#4 Antsy hands? Bored children? Use the tray table lock to keep busy by crafting.

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#5 Store your earrings and other jewelry in pill cases for simple separation.

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#6 Use an extra glasses case to prevent cords from tangling in your bag.

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#7 No in-flight TV on the back of the seat? Use a sturdy strip of paper tucked inside your phone case to make your own.

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#8 Or you can create your own TV with a plastic baggie instead.

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#9 You can also use binder clips for the same purpose.

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#10 Meal prep before your flight to save money on eating at the airport.

Tip: Set refrigerated snacks on top of small ice pack in a separate pocket within your backpack so they stay cool.
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#11 Store liquids, serums, and creams in tiny pill boxes or contact cases to save more room in your liquids-only plastic bag.

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#12 You can also use crafting boxes as an easy way to carry multiple snacks.

It also prevents you from having trash strewn everywhere.
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#13 If you paint your nails before a vacation, always go with a lighter color.

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#14 Long flight? Save money by bringing your own alcohol in your liquids-only bag and make your own cocktail.

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#15 Pack shoes in a shower cap so they don’t get your clothes dirty.

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#16 Pack all your vitamins into a small bottle instead of bringing multiple bulky containers.

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#17 Save free samples to use when you travel since they barely take up any room.

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#18 Store small, easy-to-lose items in a mint container so they don’t get lost.

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#19 If you forget your wall charger piece, use the USB plug on the back of a TV as a way to charge your phone.

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#20 If you’re flying, bring an empty water bottle through security. Some airports provide water stations where you can fill up.

It’ll also save you a few bucks from buying one in an airport store.
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#21 Traveling for a long period of time? Pack solid shampoo, conditioner, and face wash so you don’t run out.

Those carry-on sizes will only last you so long.
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#22 The same goes for solid laundry soap! You can wash delicates in a sink if you’re running low on socks and underwear.

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Finally, don’t forget these five essentials in your carry-on bag!

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