#1 My cat watching TV with my mum.

hanamihoshi / Via reddit.com

#2 Friend on every kilometer.

tspmhack30 / Via reddit.com

#3 My bird and me. She turned 18 this year. I’ve had her since Highschool. She’s my everything.

TimMarkel / Via reddit.com

#4 No matter where I go, Geoff always wants to snuggle.

Glabwog117 / Via reddit.com

#5 A story of love and betrayal: when your dog has more rights than anyone in your house!

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#6 I can no longer feel my left arm but it’s 100% worth every cuddle.

Em3PO / Via reddit.com

#7 Snuggles and purrs to end a long day.

macluvva / Via reddit.com

#8 My grandad and his kitten watching rugby together.

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#9 Her name is Doders. She’s 11 or 12 and been with me through my MA, PhD, and a divorce.

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#10 My brother adopted his first dog. She is all he talks about.

PootieTang_ / Via reddit.com

#11 My father-in-law invites himself over just so he can get Coco time.

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#12 We adopted a senior saint named Mikey yesterday and I think it’s safe to say his first trip to Grandma’s went well.

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#13 Best friends since 1999.

lickydipper_69 / Via reddit.com

#14 Holmes isn’t a great typist so he has to ask my sister to google bird videos for him.

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#15 She still thinks she is smallish. Birdie perched on papa’s lap.

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#16 This doggie loves to be held like a baby.

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#17 Our kitty is part of the family and holds hands with us.

Tra-c_S / Via reddit.com

#18 Hogan is 14 and long wagon rides are his favorite.

Aedelmann / Via reddit.com

#19 After being apart for 5 days he can’t take his eyes off me. This was only the second time and longest time we’ve been apart in our 8 years together. Man I missed my baby.

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