1. I like that glasses suggest intelligence instead of broken eyes. @kellyoxford

2. I saw that coming. But not from a mile a way. I mean, I need contacts just to see something from like a block a way. @Sarcasticsapien

3. People without glasses will never know the struggle of eating soup. Or any hot steamy food for that matter. @TheWeirdWorld

4. I just Googled “Living with Glaucoma” before realising it was just a fingerprint smudge on my glasses. @Poutymcgee

5. Do y’all not understand how much of a struggle this is? @slimrel__

6. the most unrealistic part of harry potter was that nobody asked to try on harry’s glasses and make fun of how blind he was @_conallkeenan

7. I wear glasses because I like to dramatically remove them to display anger. It was awkward doing that with contact lenses. @badbanana

8. Youre blessed if you have 20/20 vision U know how many times I lost my glasses but couldnt find them bc I need my glasses to find my glasses @Autumn__MD

9. Sometimes I forget that there r ppl who don’t wear glasses/contacts. Like they can literally just wake up and see, what a wild concept @mikaylapettipas

[first date]
HER: fake glasses don’t really make u seem smarter
ME:[peering at menu thru 2 donuts] what are u implying? @AbrasiveGhost

*glasses dirty*
*takes off glasses to clean*
*cleans glasses*
*puts glasses back on*
*glasses are smudged and dirtier than before* @tegguw

12. ugh I’m sick of u fake glasses wearing ass people like lemme give u my impaired vision if y’all want it so bad @mess_irl

13. Finding your glasses when they’re not on your face @PartyOnLexy

14. Men who are deceived by makeup are the main ones fooled by Clark Kent’s glasses. @HollyGoNightly1

15. how weird is it that i have to have two pieces of glass sitting in front of my eyeballs so i don’t mistake a small child for a garbage can @kailywasserman

me when i first got glasses: “GONNA KEEP THEM SO CLEAN SO I CAN ALWAYS SEE WELL”
me now: “if i squint through the dirtiness i can kinda see” @HiryuuRin

Eye doctors : can you read the last line without your glasses
a h f I k g h b n c
Me : 7 @Goddess_Mykell

18. Looking for your glasses when you’re not wearing any has got to be the biggest catch 22 there is in this world @themollyrocket