#1 They see me Roman…they hatin

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#2 A Shark Bus chasing a Fillet ‘o Fish in Auckland.

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#3 Felt extra safe on the roads today.

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#4 Babushka’s Creed

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#5 Smoker puts butts around his mirror instead of littering.

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#6 Apparently there is a new choice next to a burial or cremation.

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#7 This half-zombie clinging to the back of the car in front of me in traffic.

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#8 So many questions.

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#9 Always take good care of your skin

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#10 So this is how you know it’s a Monday at work….

So we’re working on a 5 lane road where the right two lanes are blocked off (traffic is pushed over into the left turn lane) and this lady runs over 3 barrels, gets into the very right lane and runs it all the way down until her car completely sinks into the wet concrete. (All while every single one of our guys is screaming STOP!!)

Cops show up within minutes and are super pissed. (Not the first time this has happened on this job) As my boss is getting ready to hook up a chain to pull her out, the cop goes, fu*k her, she’s going to wait for a wrecker. My boss explains that if she doesn’t get the concrete off within 20min her car is going to be totaled. Cop goes, well she should’ve thought about that before she ran down the barrels, I’m impounding her car.

SO… Her car was totaled, she got a huge ticket (destruction of public property), and now her insurance company has to pay for the entire lane to be replaced. sergatron / Via reddit.com

#11 This guy wins the “I fixed it” trophy today.

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#12 While driving past a tractor trailer truck on the highway…

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#13 Parker next to this car today. New kind of car alarm?

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#14 Pulled up next to me at a red light.

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#15 Humble.

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#16 Driving along the motorway and get overtaken by…

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#17 Found this… thing… on the way home from hiking today.

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#18 First time I have ever seen a truck faceplant. It must have seen something truly wtf to make it do that

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#19 Umm wtf tho

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#20 Somebody is not having a great morning…

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Via BoredPanda, Preview photo credit: onesikkgs3 / reddit.com, djec / reddit.com