No matter how calm, cool, and collected you consider yourself…everyone has that ONE LITTLE THING that sets them off.

And this week, when Reddit user Jimmy_Rustled asked, “What small thing pisses you off more than usual?” people really took the opportunity to let off some steam.

Here are just a few of the most relatable things that will get your blood boiling:

“When the curtain in your bedroom has a tiny gap, letting a ray of sunshine penetrate your eyeballs.”
_BigTony_ / Via

“People who act like they’re more important than everyone else when getting off a flight.”
MeggieAC / Via

“When I see someone just leave their shopping cart in the parking lot, especially when they are right next to the cart return.”
natgeo_may1972 / Via

“People who don’t allow other people to get off the subway or out of elevators before trying to get on.”
wsmiteh / Via

“When the fitted sheet comes off the mattress in the middle of the night. It’s like an alarm clock that is going off right next to my ear. Impossible to ignore. I can’t fall back to sleep unless I put the sheet back on.”
inksmudgedhands / Via

“People who stand in front of exits/entrances having a full conversation. Right there. Blocking the way.”
TinyHachets / Via

“When you get home after being out all day and you take off your pants, shoes, etc…only to then discover you have to go back out for something stupid.”
bad_toe_tattooes / Via

“People who continue to explain something to me after I’ve said, ‘I know’ at least thrice.”
traingeek1466 / Via

“When someone asks a lot of questions and then doesn’t listen for the answer. I have a different job now because my last boss did this SO often.”
skunkwaffle / Via

“People who are constantly trying to one-up your situation. Like, if you tell them you’ve got a cold, they’ll respond with, ‘I’ve had pneumonia for 10 years straight!’”
nuggetboob / Via

“Whenever I have small wounds on any of my fingers and don’t know where they came from. It bothers me so much.”
Soft-Mother / Via

“People who can never just admit they screwed up. It doesn’t matter how small the mistake is. When confronted, they always have an excuse. Just say, ‘I’m sorry’ and move on! I don’t need an essay on why you did what you did.”
lolr3n / Via

“Whenever you have a sticker that you can’t peel off in one piece it’s absolutely infuriating.”
SaddlerDoodad / Via

“When bananas have a lot of those threads. You know, those tiny cords between the banana and its skin? I find them revolting despite loving the fruit itself. It’s like eating hair. Just the thought of it makes me want to vomit.”
EdwinVon_Boxberg / Via

“People who say, ‘You chose whether your day is good or bad!’ after I just said I was having a bad day. I know focusing on the positive is good, but sometimes people just have bad days and want to talk it out.”
promptolovebot / Via

“When you have earbuds in and something catches the cord violently ripping them out of your ears.”
dgatz12 / Via

“People who keep meal leftovers on their plate when they put it in the sink, instead of throwing it away THEN placing them in the sink. I think this may be the only thing that I really, truly cannot stand. I hate it.”
tehitossss / Via

“When you wash a spoon and make yourself wet with an accidental wave.”
rebel_scummm / Via

“People who chew loudly or with their mouth open. It’s just one of those things that shouldn’t piss me off as much as it does, but drives me insane.”
FerdiLuc / Via

“When there is something in the back of my car that rolls around every time I take a corner and makes noise, but it’s too far away for me to just grab when I make a stop.”
likemong / Via

“People at a pedestrian crossing who DO NOT push the button, but stand too close to the button for me to do it, and then look angry when the green man never appears.”
abrakadobra / Via

“When one of my family members leaves the door to the house open after they go outside. It pisses me off because it allows insects into the house, but they don’t seem to care?”
Adce1234 / Via

“People who borrow my car and change everything so that I have to readjust my seat, mirrors, and the volume on the radio.”
chrestorpherson / Via

“When there’s a hair tickling your face, but you can’t seem to get it off!”
lycheelion / Via

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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